Accumulating more than 15 years of experiences, Global Factor Sdn. Bhd., emerge as one of the leading writing instrument manufacturers in Malaysia. We specialize in producing high quality markers and highlighters.

Our concept is not only to sell products, but we are consistently testing, improving and innovating our products and services based on our customer’s input and our in-house research and development expertise. We are sincere of what we are doing and passionate in developing new products. You will see more development in near future.

Our company’s mission is to enhance our competitiveness through quality improvement, innovation and creative design products as well as to fulfill the needs of our customers. Our customers want recycle and economical products, and our Kedidi Refillable Marker with its unique design has met their need. The marker can be conveniently refilled by replacing the cartridge. The whiteboard marker is using quality ink that can last uncapped for 6 hours.

The name of “Kedidi” is synonymous with exclusive high quality products and guaranteed in accordance with the International Standard.


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