Global Factor Sdn Bhd was established on 1 July 1995, transformed into a bumiputera company that has successfully one of the manufacturer of stationery product in Malaysia. We specialize in the making of a high quality marker pen .

Global Factor Sdn Bhd carries KDIDI brand which is synonymous with high-quality products that are of a high quality complying to international standards.

We always give priority in quality development, not only in terms of product but also in the overall management and operation of the company. In fact, Global Factor has been certified with ISO 9001:2015.

Our vision is to produce of innovative and high quality marker pen as well as to introduce Malaysian-made product globally.

Hence, the company's mission is to realize our vision by expanding our range of products worldwide, trying to improve production to fulfill the customer's needs and requirement while maintaining deliverably and good work ethic.


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